A Practical Woodworking Guide For Anyone

All-Wood-working-plansSo in today’s post, I will share with you all my best advice for woodworking, I, myself can give to anyone looking at starting woodworking as an absolute beginner, intermediate woodworkers and experienced woodworking or for those that are just igniting an old talent.

Not only that but it’s also the BIGGEST question I receive on a daily basis is this “where do you get your woodworking plans from and what plans do you use?”. So my advice and the substance of today’s post is exactly that, where and what to use as a woodworking plans, woodworking projects and as a woodworking guide. Click here if you want to go straight to the site and read more.

So many woodworking ideas came to being thanks to my hands that without any false modesty I consider myself to be seasoned woodworker. There is no single piece of furniture in my home that wasn’t built by me and for every single piece that I built for my home I built dozens, if not hundreds more for other people’s homes. Same goes for storage sheds, playhouses, garden chairs, gazebos, baby furniture, bedroom furniture and many more indoor and outdoor woodworking projects.

I would have love to be able to boast that the plans that I use were made by me, but it’s not (my wife nags me all the time that I should start my own ‘Wally’s Woodworking Book’ but I guess this site and being a woodworker by trade is enough for the time being).

The most reputable woodworking program to guide you through woodworking is the Woodworking Package made by a bloke called Ted, who is a professional woodworker, woodworker educator and AWI member (go to his Official Website and check out his stuff, he is a top woodworker who has been in the industry for too long and spent a lot of time putting this resource together). I speak about his package all throughout my site to help you guys get something that is really worth the money and guide you in the right direction.

Woodworking can be an enjoyable and relatively affordable hobby – if you get equipped right. Woodworking isn’t a cheap hobby if you buy the wood and spend the time to find out that the ‘free woodworking plans’ that you sourced didn’t actually make the furniture you set yourself to do.

So to answer so many of you in one post today, you’ll find everything you need, the A-Z of woodworking in this guide. It’s includes plans, blueprints, videos, books and more (plus some freebies and extras he has added in over time). Just a word of caution, make sure you click the link to his site above or to the products in this article as there is a few imitators sites floating around that may lead you to the wrong website – this is the Official Website to read more).

This is the official site site below ↓↓

So, here is a summary……
Why Did I Start Using Ted’s Woodworking Package?

How-To-Make-a-Jewerlly-BoxYou’ll read a few reasons why I started using Ted’s woodworking plans/package but the main reason and story behind it is that I wouldn’t have got into the woodworking program fully is it wasn’t for my marriage anniversary that was nearing. At that time, I had no idea what to give to my wife for our anniversary. It looked like that after so many anniversaries successfully avoiding gifts that can be categorized as clichés I hit a wall and for somebody who always tries to be original this can be very frustrating.

Yet, my philosophy is that if you have no solution to a problem somebody else has it and it turned out that a friend of mine who has Teds package helped me to find the thing I was looking for during a visit at his house when he showed me some of Teds furniture plans.

As usual, I wasn’t interested until he asked me to see some jewelry box plans, sourcing ideas for anniversary gift. What else can you expect from a woodworker? But it is not that I didn’t think of that before, still the sketches and the things available on the internet were not special enough for my criteria so why not give one more try and take a look.

Bedroom-PlansIt didn’t take long for me to realize that I had what I needed. I had a solution to my problem, an idea and I was becoming more and more anxious to copy it to the smallest detail. I bought Ted’s package that very same evening and with all those blueprints, plans, materials list, color pictures systematically presented I completed it in no time.

In the end (thankfully) my wife liked it very much. In fact, according to her, that jewelry box was the best thing I ever did which I find to be little bit ironic because after successfully trying out bookshelf plans, bunk bed plans, playhouse plans, bird house plans and dining table plans; a jewelry box built from a plan that I copied literally from A to Z turns out to be my greatest work.

Still I am not sure whether she would think differently if it wasn’t for that necklace that I bought and stashed in the jewelry box. At the end, what is jewelry box without jewelry in it? I am kidding, it was empty.

What is in Teds Woodworking, coming from seasoned woodworker with over 20 years of experience?

Ted McGrath, 36 years experience, Professional Woodworker, AWI Member and Educator

Before answering, it is very important to understand that I come from a generation that drew plans on paper, had no internet, no CAD or 3-D modeling. Instead of woodworking videos we relied on advice from older colleagues and those DIY woodworking books showing easy woodworking plans and DIY woodworking projects as our only source of woodworking plans.

Of course, with time I learned all that very quickly once I searched on the internet for anything woodworking or carpentry plans related but from today’s point of view, looking back we lacked so many things, yet, we had one thing in abundance, ideas.

And that is exactly what I like in Teds Woodworking; Ideas. The woodworking program gives ideas for so many different woodworking projects, from small toys to outdoor woodworking plans. I even used the abundance of the plans for making toys for my children, not that they will ever play with them but still, it is something that will last much longer than those gadgets they currently play with. Also, there are some tips and tricks in Teds Woodworking that I find very interesting and practical for a novice and old hand like me as well.

Find out more! Click here to go to the Official Website!
All-in-One Resource

Some of the freebies and bonuses included for members. Plus you get over 150 step by step videos and access to over 16,000 woodworking plans

So if for a wood working veteran like me can get the value of this product is in the ideas, than for beginner woodworkers, this product has more practical value, starting with all those woodworking videos, step by step woodwork instructions including what kind of wood to use, joining the pieces together, finishing the pieces, detailed diagrams with a complete set of dimensions, all importantly needed and required when trying to do any woodwork or carpentry project yourself at home.

Plus, what I like about the program is that Ted is active with the development of woodworking, wanting to improve the skills of all woodworkers and continually updates and provides more resources to his members, so you get uttermost value for money. He has developed the program over time adding onuses and freebies to the program such as the extras shown here.

Having this product when trying out woodworking will save you lot of time, material, and nerves. I am saying this from my personal experience. Recently, I met a starter who managed to put together a gazebo simply by following Teds instructions, now if you have just started out at wood working you’ll soon realize building a gazebo is not easy feat.

More seasoned woodworkers will also find Teds Woodworking Package very useful as there is lot to expand on and improve your skills.

Get over $340 worth of woodworking resources for FREE. Read more.
36 Years Worth of Experience

In any case, 36 years of woodworking deserves appreciation and luckily for the rest of us, this guy did lot more than just saving his woodworking plans and projects. He worked on them so they can work for everyone (do you know the saying that to be a good teacher, you need to know how to teach).

His woodworking plans are feasible, easy to follow and you learn woodworking in a way that comes naturally. Moreover, it contains sixteen thousand plans so there is everything for everyone, here are my favorites – from bookcase plans, coffee table plans, gazebo plans, bunk bed plans, bird house plans (this is how it all started out), table plans, desk plans, any furniture making and wooden crafts, you name it, he got it.

Also, the one thing that I really appreciate about this program is that all the woodworking plans/projects are really organized, something that I kind of lack (the organization aspect). The woodworking plans are organized by category so it is really not difficult to find what you need.

#1 Woodworking Resource

Furniture-PlansBut although now I full – heatedly recommend it, it wasn’t like that when I first learned about these plans, let alone, starting out at woodworking. In fact, first thing that came to my mind when I heard about this product was “another business minded woodworker trying to sell his sketches instead of building them”. Yet, it was not long after that when it came to my ears once again and as time passed I started to hear about this product more and more from people in the trade. To me it started to look that there was no conversation between woodworkers without mentioning Ted plans.

Yet, I resisted and continued to ignore it, and if I ignored it for too much longer, I would have turned out as a pretty awful wood worker. The program saved me from losing quite a bit, I would have spent the same amount of money on all the glorious wood working and carpentry tools, I still would have bought a workbench and I still would have spent time and effort in making something wooden, lucky for me, I did buy the program, I am better for it, the furniture is and so is my pride.

Let your furniture be your pride aswell.




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