Adirondack Chair Plans

An Adirondack chair is a fun and functional piece of furniture to own especially if you build it yourself. Not only are they unique and comfortable, but they represent the very epitome of your woodworking mastery and skills. There are a myriad of Adirondack chair plans available on the market but none of them come close to offering a wealth of designs and tutorials such as those contained in this woodworking guide. The following steps on how to build an Adirondack Chair where learned from this premium tutorial.

To start off on your Do It Yourself Adirondack chair,you need a circular saw, a jigsaw to cut through the circular bits of the table, a drill, screws, safety glasses and wood of various lengths.

Step 1: Cut out the wood pieces to their correct lengths, shape and sizes.

The Adirondack chair project comprises wooden planks that are cut to various measurements and features some exotic curves that may seem a little bit intimidating at first.

Step 2: Assemble the leg pieces

Attach one front leg to one back leg to an arm support. Use pair of clamps clamp to hold them together, drill holes and fix sturdy screws through till they are firmly and securely attached. Be sure to keep the top and outside edges flush and attach two screws to each joint.

Next attach the stretcher on the opposite side of the leg set at an angle. Build the other leg set and attach the stretcher as well. Join the two legs sets together with the appropriate premeasured front piece and fix two screws to it.

Step 3: Put the seats slats on

Beginning at the front, attach the seat slats to the stretcher using screws and glue, the slats are fixed about a half-inch from each other and are joined by two screws. It is advisable to pre-drill the holes to preserve the integrity of the wood. It is advisable to use spacers to ensure the correct spacing between the slats is maintained as you embark on the Adirondack chair project.

Step 4: Build the back support

Assemble all the back support pieces together and place them about half-inch apart using spacers. You can create a fan-shape effect on the back support by using a quarter-inch spacers on the lower side and half-inch spacers on the upper portion of the Adirondack chair plans.

This innovative guide also features great tutorials that detail simple procedures used to achieve the beautiful arch shape on the back support. The easiest way to achieve the arch is to make it out with a flexible material and then cutting out the wood with a jig saw. Put additional support on the back support by fixing two wooden planks at the back of the back support on the upper and lower part.

Step 5: Attach the back support to the leg set

Place the complete back rest on the leg set and fix firmly and securely with both glue and screws. Fix back rest on the back support as well for increased stability and strength.


Step 6: Fix the arm rest

Fix the prefinished armrests to the arm rest support with both glue and screws and ensure they are firm and secure. Finally, your cost effective, fashionable Adirondack chair project is ready for use. Customize your chair using various finishing style available on the premium woodworking guide to create master pieces that will compliment your garden or patio.

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