Chicken Coop Plans

If you have a little bit of space left in your yard and crave fresh eggs every day for your breakfast then it would be imperative that you learn how to house your egg laying flock quickly and easily with this Do It Yourself chicken coop. Many people shy away from the DIY chicken houses because they are not confident in their abilities to create stunning but functional coops. But worry no more, below I have provided a step by step guide on how to build a chicken coop.

Step 1: Gather all the requisite tools and materials

The type of tools and materials required to build a chicken coop depends on numerous factors such as the number of chicken in questions, the space available and the budgetary constrain. Typically, you would need wooden planks of various sizes, a circular saw, drill and drilling bits, wire mesh and roofing materials. Refer to the detailed guide which explains exact sizes of wooden planks needed for the chicken coop plan.

Step 2: Lay the foundation

Begin by laying out the foundation. You can opt to build a concrete layer upon which to lay the wooden base of your DIY chicken coop or can elect to lay treated wooden planks on some level ground. Ensure that planks used for the foundation of the chicken coop are sturdy and strong.

Ensure that the base woods are joined at right angles for maximal strength and durability by gluing and then joining them together by sturdy screws or nails.

Step 3: Put up the wall frames

Attached the 2 by 4’s vertically at right angles to the base wood of the foundation making sure to form strong joints as theses upright planks determine the integrity of the DIY chicken coop. Make sure to use both glue and screws to hold them together. Most designs feature a coop where the chicken can roost at night and an open area where they feed and spend their days and soak in some sun.

Referring to the detailed guide can help you create not only a functional and aesthetically appealing chicken coop plans but also come up with a design that is not labor intensive and expensive.

Step 4: Put up the roof trusses


Join the vertical wood pieces at the top and ensure they are secure and firm all round. Depending on where you want the run off from the roof to drain, incline the beams to that direction and ensure that water does not collect on the roof. The slant on the roof can be anywhere between 30-45 – degrees. Ted’s woodworking guide offers a great variety of designs to meet your roofing needs and create unique but effective roofing designs that will get your precious chickens living in a great chicken coop project.

Step 5: Frame the floor of the coop

Layout wood frames on the coop floor making sure to run them across the width of the coop to increase strength of the floor and secure them with glue and screws. Board up the floor with durable ply wood or any suitable floor material.

Step 6: Board up the walls and partitioning

Use sturdy wood pieces to mark out the windows, doors and any other partitions such as nesting boxes. Insulate the house against inclement weather, board it up with plywood on the inside and include a ceiling. Board up the exterior walls with exterior wood boards or refer to these chicken coop plans for specifics on boarding up the walls.

Step 7: Put in the doors, windows and nesting boxes

Create a series of doors that will ensure quick access to the chicken coop. Also include a series of windows that are safe guarded against predators and ensure the chicken coop is well ventilated. Make sure to check out this guide that includes ingenious door designs, nesting boxes and locking mechanisms to finish off your project and allow quick access.

Step 8: Fix the mesh in the feeding area.

After the coop is finished, fix the mesh on the remaining area of the chicken coop and be sure to include a ladder style ramp to allow chicken access to the coop when they need to turn in for the night. Below is the finished project!

Chicken Coop Plans: Available Here

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