DIY Bed Frame

A comfortable bed makes sleep, after a long day at work, a much treasured experience one looks forwards to each and everyday. Having comfortable sleep not only affords you the much needed rest but also rejuvenates your systems, if the reports by various doctors is anything to go by. However, like any other heavily utilized items, bed tends to wear out soon or later – a situations that greatly interferes with your sleeping patterns and habits.

If you seek to replace your bed and you do not want to settle for the conventional bedframes that are readily available on the market or desire a model that fall in the high end catergory – just slightly over your budget – you can make it yourself. At this point you are wondering, but how to build a bed frame? Below you will find your solution. It’s the ideal do it yourself bed frame project to dazzle your significant other – just be sure to get everything correct. If after reading this tutorial you still have questions, try this comprehensive woodworking guide that serves as the perfect guide for a DIY bed frame but also offers numerous other woodwork plans and step by step video instructions.

Step 1: Settle on the size and bed plan

Comfort goes hand in hand with the size and therefore a queen size bed is the most perfect fit. Ideally, a bed consists of the side supports, the length frames, head and leg boards and the slats. Ensure you have enough wood to make all these sections.

Step 2: Cut all the wood pieces to size and desired shapes.

Cut out the leg frames, the sides and their slat supports, head and leg boards as well as their slat supports. Due the the large size of the bed, you need extra transverse support in the middle. Make sure the measurements are mirror images of each other to avoid re-cutting when assembling them together. You can cut the same sized pieces together to make the process relatively easier.

Step 3: Assemble the leg support

Join together two leg pieces by placing them perpendicular to each other and join them with a metal brace. Properly position the brace and drive a pair of screws to ensure a tight and secure fit. Repeat the process for the remaining three legs. Make sure the angles are perfect on each leg to ensure that the bed maintains a proper rectangular shape which enhances stability and strength. Next join the side panels to the now assembled legs. Drill holes into the side panels as well as the legs. It is important to join these parts together using nuts and bolts to ensure that they can be easily taken apart when need be.

Step 4: Attach the head and foot boards

Properly align the head board on the partially assemble leg frame ensuring proper fitment and drill the bolt holes. Be sure to mark the positions on each of the four legs before hand so that the bed frame has an even level on all sides. Failure to ensure a proper level might leave you, or your significant other on the floor. Fix the slat support on both the head and foot board and secure them firmly in place with screws. Finally join the head and foot boards to the leg structure by nuts and bolts.

Step 5: Fix the center support

The center support guards the slats from sagging, bending or breaking while you are sleeping on it. This support should be fairly sturdy in composition to provide additional strength to the bed frame project. It also helps to ensure that the slats are well aligned, therefore it should be placed on the same level as the slat support. The comprehensive woodworking guide provides additional insights as well as other slat support methods that you can employ to ensure a sturdy bed.

Step 6: Layout the slats

Place the pre-measured slats across the bed and space them out evenly. For additional support and firmness you can drill screws holes through the slats so as to attach them to the central support. Fixing slats to the center support is preferable to fixing them on the sides as the latter makes taking the bed apart quite a laborious undertaking since it requires a pair of screws on each side. If you opt to fix the slats to the center support, ensure the holes on both the slats and the center beam are pre-drilled before driving in the screws. This ensures that the homemade bed frame can be taken apart and reassembled again when needed without any tears or damages. Ensure all the slats fit perfectly, make any minor corrections that are necessary and you are on your way to comfortable sleep once more. Just don’t forget to put on the mattress first.

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