DIY Storage Bed

Rather than make a tradeoff between a luxurious, comfortable bed and having ample space to store you precious clothes, it is very much possible to have the best of both worlds. A spacious convectional beds just affords you just one of this mandatory conveniences. But a storage bed lets you have your cake and eat it at the same time, so to speak. Unfortunately, the ready-made variety can severely dent your wallets and led to a few nightmares on your newly acquired bed.

Fortunately, it is very possible to create your dream storage bed from scratch when you embark on a do it yourself storage bed project. And if you’re feeling a bit jittery about embarking on such a delicate endeavor relax, you can refer to this plan for meticulously drawn plans and instructions. Otherwise I have laid out the basic steps of how I built my storage bed, along with pictures so you can get a good idea of how I did it.

Step 1: Settle on a design and gather all the requisite materials

There are enough varieties of queen-sized bed designs out there to dizzy the mind when making selections, but if you need a wide variety of storage bed plans they can be found here. Not only does it show you many different designs but it also details their material and equipment requirements. Be sure to acquire quality wood such as cedar for durability and ensure that it is all of the same width – it saves time and effort. Typically, the equipment required includes circular saw, drills and drill bits, long screws among others.

Step 2: Precut all the wooden pieces to the required size

Precut the wood to the various sizes required to build the various component of the bed, such as the drawers, their support frames and the bed frames. Breakdown the storage project into sections and cut the frame sizes accordingly, this helps to ensure proper fitments of the smaller pieces. This move significantly reduces the amount of time spent crafting the bed as it breaks down the process to merely assembling the pieces together.

Step 3: Assemble the frame works

The storage bed project consists of two frames and consists of six drawers; two on either side and two on the front. An important trick that significantly makes the process easier is making two of everything and making sure they are mirror images. Place the corresponding pieces together, use spacers to ensure correct spacing, hold them in place with braces and join them together using pocket screws.


After each of the frames is complete, glue and screw them together and reinforce the corners for added corner strength and durability. After the outer framework is done, cut the cross sections pieces to size and fix them to the frames using screws.

Next cut the floor runners board to size and ensure perfect fitment and fix them in place with pocket screws. This ensures that drawers can be drawn in an out seamlessly and effortless. Place long but sturdy wooden strips along the entire length of the frame, where the bed slats shall fit fixed, and securely fix them in place by pocket screws. Also be sure to include upper guides for the drawers so that they do not tip when you pull them put.corners

After the ensuring that the section is complete and properly functioning, complete the next section which should be a mirror image of the complete part. Cover the complete pieces with a coat of Danish oil to give them an appealing finish and look.

Step 4: Construct the drawers

Cut the plywood pieces to the required sizes and ensure proper fitments – across cut-sledge makes the process significantly easier. Construct the drawer frames first and then fit the bottoms into them. The complete woodworking guide offers different drawer designs as well as different ways to construct them. Join all the pieces together with staples, glue and screws. Repeat for the next five pieces.


Be sure to use solid wood to create the drawer faces as to ensure longevity of the drawers, which by the virtual of their position are prone to being licked. Use a series of spacers to ensure all the faces are properly aligned or refer to the comprehensive woodworking guide for ways to ensure proper fitment. Repeat this procedure on the other section of the storage bed.

Step 5: Join the two sections together

Place the two sections side by side, ensuring proper alignment and orientation, and join together using a series of pocket screws.

Next lay down the slats across the two sections which are now joined to form the queen sized bed.


Use a couple of spacers to ensure proper spaces between the slats and firmly secure the slats in place using a single screw.

It is important that this step happens in the final storage bed project destination to avoid dragging the now bulky bed all over the place. There you have it, a completed DIY storage bed that the wife will surely be impressed by.


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