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I’m a woodworker and I’ve been in the industry for a long time, I’ve discussed already about the woodworking plans that I use for all my woodworking and carpentry projects (you can read my post about it here) but it wasn’t until recently (about a few months ago) that I realized that woodworking and doing woodworking at home was actually gaining momentum.

I will share a story with you today to make any beginners out there feel more comfortable about starting out at woodworking and not to be scared and think the plans that I use are for experts only. I get A LOT of questions of people wanting my furniture plans and copies of pretty much any piece of furniture they wish to build (this is my latest story of a customer of mine who tried out some free woodworking plans online and decided to come to me for further help as you will slowly learn, mostly all free woodworking plans online will miss out vital information – here’s what I am referring to: Garry’s story on learning How To Build a Workbench).

What they don’t realize is they can get all the woodworking plans plus more woodworking resources such as videos etc on the internet for not much at all, they don’t really need me in the end if they want to try it out themselves. So today’s story will share just that. How to do anything woodworking related, DIY furniture making yourself. If you want to get the woodworking plans I use – go here to the Official Website

Woodworking Projects At Home

Recently a young couple interested in ordering bedroom furniture and a dining table paid me a visit and apart from asking me the general questions about woodworking such as ‘I want to build a coffee table, what’s the easiest and quickest way’ and ‘how long does it take to build a bookshelf?’, to my surprise they asked me what plans I am using for my work. (I was getting the notion that the husband was trying to get involved in doing woodworking projects at home and I was all for it, woodworking is a great hobby for men, I wouldn’t say for the wives but don’t forget the kids, they love woodworking too (and you can find heaps of woodworking plans and projects for kids too).

It was little bit unusual and vague question since my customers are either bringing their own sketches or photos or request me to show them some of the things I can build. Therefore I told them that I was using many different plans and offered to present them, underlining that I have no problem using their sketches in my work so if they have one, they can give them to me (I also hinted they should take a look at my woodworking blog so Hi, Josh & Patty if your reading).

Resources Needed for Woodworking

The woodworking plans I use (and many other woodworkers and carpenters do) are based on the package developed by Ted McGrath. He has been in the business for over 30 years and has put together the best, easy to understand package that is made for every level.

Yet, it turned out that what they really wanted to know was what woodworking resources and woodworking plans I used and if I had heard of or tried using Ted’s Woodworking Plans. They viewed his videos and were really impressed, they also viewed his site and his furniture plans.

To that moment I was thinking of Ted’s program as something that was only circulating among people in the trade like carpenters etc but apparently I was wrong as they even brought some printed copies of Ted’s dining table plans and bedroom furniture plans, and asked me if I was able to produce the exact copies.

If my wedding anniversary was few months later they would have caught me unprepared but thanks to my friend who proposed me to use some of Teds jewelry box plans for building a gift for my wife I knew what they were talking and not just that. Since it first came to my attention I became really attached to Teds program, trying as much as I can from the plans.

In any case, I wasn’t aware that Teds Woodworking Package was becoming so popular even with people who are not in the woodworking business. But although even before meeting this couple I have used Ted’s woodworking plans & projects for constructing furniture elements they were all kept within the family.

Since I have received A LOT of questions about my woodworking plans and also about the details and plans by Ted you can read more in a blog post I wrote about it here: The Best Woodworking Plans & Guides for Everyone! otherwise, head over to his official website for more info!

DIY Furniture Examples

Recent coffee table (beach house style) for my sister

For example, the coffee table that I made from my coffee table plans was placed at sister’s home (she wanted a beach house/rustic look to her coffee table); the bookshelf went at my brother’s house (I can’t honestly tell you how many bookshelf I have made in my lifetime!) and each one of my 5 nephews got wooden toys which they considered souvenirs.

Also, this couple had very interesting story about how they ended up at my place looking for bedroom furniture and dining table from Ted’s plans. Namely for almost two years after they got married their new place had been near empty because they were having difficulties in choosing the right piece of furniture.

A bookshelf made for my brother.

Whether it was dining table, bookshelf, or coffee table there was always something they didn’t like in the furniture, no matter how perfect it was. On top of that they had completely different preferences so what one of them found great, the other one didn’t like it. It was usually some detail that was preventing them of making unanimous decision. Some might even question how they ended up together when they can’t agree on buying a dining table. Still, they had few common traits like s sharp eye for details, being able to notice things that others would miss also they were both perfectionists. Personally I had no problem with that because throughout the years I had similar customers and considered them to be extra test for my skills. If they were pleased with my work, if there was nothing to complain about, then my skills were at the right level. What I find extraordinary is that with all those models out there the only thing they agreed on was piece from my furniture plans which in a way tells a lot about the plans that I use.

The Take Home Message

When I asked them from where they got Ted’s plans they told me that they bought the product and had thoroughly searched through his plans (also if you are interested in getting these plans, please be careful as there is a lot of imitation sites circulating around, so be sure to go to the official site as per the picture below).

They also approached me and asked if they needed to get woodworking classes, I said, if you are equipped with a woodworking program like this one, then no, don’t waste your time (or money for that matter).

They were very familiar with Ted’s program and were planning to use all his woodworking project ideas for their home. In fact, for some unexplained reason his home woodworking projects were acceptable for both and they were jokingly referring to it as a marriage savior because if it wasn’t for Ted the plans, their marriage would probably be over, not because of unsettled differences but because they would have no bed to sleep on LOL.

I admit that I felt little pressure because this was first time I was using Ted’s plans for customers and they were aware of it and following it along and during my work I followed the exact specifications from cutting the lumber and building the uprights to joining the 2x8s by fitting the tongues into the grooves, of course only after putting glue along the edges. Just a little hint if you are thinking of building the same, it is important that the tabletop remains flat while it dries. Also, when connecting the long supports and legs I made sure to pre-drill and countersink the lag screws. After a coat of stain, I waxed it, finishing off the table top.

At the end, the final product was perfect, at least for me. But the doubts that I had about whether they will like it were cleared when they told me that now they can finally dine at home. I am currently finishing some bedroom furniture for them and hopefully after that I will receive an order for baby crib that they have in mind for the new addition to the family.


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