How to Build a Coffee Table

Why Building a Coffee Table Matters

A Do it Yourself Coffee Table is fairly easy to make. Once you get the hang of this brief step by step tutorial, it’s guaranteed that your living room would look great and functional by having an essential centerpiece at its living room or front porch. In my experience, after employing the strategies Ted’s Woodworking provides in its easy-to-follow program, I was able to build a DIY coffee table in just a weekend. Suffice it to say, this Custom Coffee Table Plan we’re talking about here is not just for those who are already advanced in the area of woodwork or Coffee Table Project Plans but to those who consider themselves as beginners.

From one woodwork enthusiast to another, I’ll let you in a little secret. There’s a program known as Ted’s Woodwork. Basically, it’s a guide that will serve as your hero in the most confusing and darkest of times. Not only is it packed with useful tips and cost-effective woodwork tricks, it’s also rich in content as it can give you custom plans on different types of objects. One of which is the traditional centerpiece all homes need to have which is a DIY Coffee Table.

Coffee Table Woodwork Plan: A Quick DIY Coffee Table Tutorial

Building a coffee table yourself can be pretty tricky when it comes to size so be sure that you adjust the dimensions of the materials you’re going to use according to your needs. So that we’d have clear instructions here, check out the cut list we chose to use for this particular coffee table. Feel free to make adjustments according to your taste and space! Remember, your coffee table is going to be the focal point of your living room so make it good.

Step 1:

Learn the dimensions required. More detailed guide on materials here.

  • Side Molding (4 2×2 at 40 in)
  • Top (4 2×6 at 50 in)
  • Width (4 2×4 at 17 in)
  • Height (4 2×4 at 18 in)
  • Bottom Shelf (1×10 at 40 in)

Step 2:

Build two side frames. When building your coffee, make sure your measurements are precise so that you can just simply measure twice and cut once.

Step 3:

Use a Craig Jig to drill pocket holes that will allow you to hide your screws.


Step 4:

You may also opt to use clamps to assemble your table’s side trims so that they’ll stay together. Once all are assembled, use wood glue to hold your two-by-fours in place. This is so that when you add your screws, they won’t move.


Step 5:

Once you have all your table’s two-by-fours fastened, add your second frame to keep all boards lined up in square. Note that your pocket hole should be on the inside or in a covered place. Grab your 2 x 6s and lay them flat side by side and assemble them with pocket hole from underneath.


Step 6:

Get an 80-ft board. Cut it to 40″ then trim each length to width of 8 1/2″. Combine the two boards with pocket hole screws underneath and outside. Once your bottom shelf is added, add a top shelf. Your coffee table’s top shelf should be fastened by being screwed up from the side molding pieces. As this is quite complex, please refer to the premium woodworking plans for proper assistance.

Step 7:

Fasten your x’s (the sides) with wood glue. Best way to do that is by taking the two-by-twos right up against the face and draw your angle. Do the long piece first then add two little side pieces to complete the x. Sand the table to make it smooth. Add stain or paint if you want to.


So, just like that, you’re done! That’s all there is to it! Kindly check the more comprehensive woodworking guide for the complete custom coffee table plan so that you can effortlessly build your very own Do It Yourself coffee table with proper instructions to get it right the first time!


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