How to Build a Kitchen Island

If, like me, you have caught the woodworking bug and you feel like your kitchen can do a whole lot better with a centralized workspace then you have probably been itching to build your own DIY kitchen island for some time now. Regardless of the style or size of your kitchen, a Do it Yourself Kitchen Island is a genuine kitchen necessity. Why wouldn’t it be? A DIY kitchen island provides storage and adequate prep space. That’s the dream, isn’t it?

Kitchen Upgrade: Do It Yourself Kitchen Island Project

To upgrade the dynamics of your kitchen, come up with a custom kitchen island plan. Below is a quick and easy-to-follow kitchen island tutorial that you can use to accomplish your very own DIY kitchen island. However, make sure to try a more comprehensive and step by step guide like this one here in order to get the best results for your kitchen.

DIY Kitchen Island Tutorial: Building a Kitchen Island

Step 1:

Prepare your blueprint and tools. Before building a custom DIY kitchen island, get your measurements straight and make a blueprint so that you can easily work off of your plan. The materials you are going to need are as follows:


  • drills
  • impact driver
  • bit set handy
  • orbital sander
  • nail gun
  • router or table saw
  • speed square
  • measuring tape
  • safety goggles

For a size DIY kitchen island, you’re going to need the following materials:

  • one four by eight sheet of 3/4″ birch plywood
  • one by three maple stick stock
  • pine quarter round or shoe
  • 3/4″ particle board
  • Formica
  • adhesive
  • roller covers
  • nails
  • glue
  • sandpaper
  • shelf pins
  • stain controller
  • the actual stain which is a honey maple
  • polyurethane
  • steel wool
  • some drop leaf hinges
  • outlet
  • outlet housing cover plate
  • 6-ft whip

To make your kitchen island project a success, measure out the space where you’re going to build the peninsula. Rip down your 3/4″ birch plywood down to size. The outer boxes of the bottom portion of the DIY kitchen island cabinet will have adjustable shelves so make two sets of three holes that are about five inches from the top and bottom of the vertical pieces.


Step 2:

Bore out holes and add electrical outlets to your DIY kitchen island.


Step 3:


Focus on the shelves and cut down the right size pieces. To match the finish of the cabinets in your home, tack on some1x3 maple strips for a decorative trim. Put some quarter round or shoe along the bottom of the three exposed sides of the cabinet to give it a seamless transition.




Step 4:


Now, focus on the countertop of your DIY Kitchen Island.Rip down a 4×8 sheet of particle board to 37″ by about 60″.


Round out one end and have the other end sit flush against the drywall. From that center point, draw a line straight down the middle from point to point.


After that, measure 11 inches from the corners down either side of the particle board and connect those two points with a line. Cut that part out with a router or a jig.


That line you drew at the eleven inch mark can now be cut off with a circular saw.

Step 5:

Trace out the curve on the other sheet of the particle board. Cut it out then tack them both together with some glue and some nails. With the remaining scrap pieces of particle board, rip the two pieces at about 48 by 3 inches.

Then, glue and nail these pieces to what will be the underside edges of the counter. Afterwards, lay down the Formica. Rip three pieces of the laminate down to about 3” x 50”, and those will be for your edge pieces. Get that piece of laminate, slap it down, and get out the J-roller, and press it flat.

And you’re done!

Extra Ideas

As what Ted’s Woodworking Plan would suggest,if you want, you can add some hinges to the flexible rounder counter top piece.

In general, building a kitchen island is great but customizing a Do it Yourself Kitchen Island to your need is even better and far more rewarding so if you want a more in-depth guide with an entire spectrum of instructions on building a kitchen island, it would be best if you consult a premium woodworking guide for the most comprehensive DIY Kitchen Island Project Plans that can help you master how to build a kitchen island so that you can improve your kitchen’s dynamics.


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