How to Build a Wine Rack

Today, we are going to teach your how to build your own DIY woodwork wine rack. In this Do It Yourself beginner’s tutorial, with images that will help you how to build a nice wine rack for your house or apartment, you will learn step by step and can potentially build it in only 1hour!

You’ll be amazed of how easy this woodworking project is and how good your new wine rack will look when you’re done and place it in your house. It’s an easy, quick and a cheap DIY project, perfect for beginners or those whose don’t have a lot of time and want to make something fast.

Tools Required

You’ll need some tools, like, a saw, set square, drills, tape measure, glue, screws, a sander, a  sharp pencil and a mitre cutter. The core of this woodwork project (and why it’s exceptionally easier than alot of other woodworking wine rack projects) is by using a piece of lattice ( you will need either a big piece of lattice or two pieces of lattice for this wine rack).

Step 1:


After measuring the width of where you want your wine rack to be placed, cut the pieces of lattice to one side of the center batten.

Step 2:


The wood used for the sides of the wine rack have been pre-cut based on standard wood purchased in-store. To avoid using a saw, you can buy pre-cut word. Using one piece as a template, mark the edge, this is how you know where you are going to pre-drill the guide holes that hold the box together. You can either use pre-cut wood to your measurements or cut the wood yourself (I suggest buying wood to your dimensions prior).

Step 3: Step-3


After pre-drilling, we are going to use the craft glue for extra strength and after it, we are going to screw the sides together. Glue the pieces of the wood and secure the pieces together, using the screw and the hammer. Even though we are using self drilling chip board screws, pre-drilling is important to avoid the MDF splitting.


Step 4:


Measure and using the hand miter saw, cut the dressed wood frame. For small DIY projects such as this, a hand miter saw is an excellent investment. Now all the cuts have been made, let’s proceed in putting the DIY wine rack all together.


Step 5:


Once the frame is fitted in the right place on the inside of the wine rack walls, we are going to pre drill and use some more of our 40mm chipboard screws in order to fix the miranty wood frame in place. By pre-drilling we are ensuring the miranty wood frame will not split. In this step, gluing is optional and is preferred by some but not by others. Do what you prefer.

Step 6:


After finishing screwing the miranty frame to the wine rack sides, it’s time to mark and measure the lattices which we will screw to the miranty frame. It’s important to note here that you need to mark and measure two lattice pieces – one for the front and one for the back – keep the next step in mind when measuring and cutting your lattice. As your lattice will not be the standard measurements for your wine rack as sizes vary, you may need to remove the batten and trim the lattice to the correct size for your desired wine rack to fit snugly inside the miranty frame.

Step 7:


To ensure your bottles fit horizontally (as the wine bottle base and top are different dimensions) ensure you screw in the front lattice at 30mm higher than the horizontal frames of the back lattice.


Step 8:


Now, we are going to glue and use 25mm flat head panel pins attach the 3mm MDF sheet to the back of the wine rack.

Step 9:


We then score with a trimming knife carefully snap off the excess MDF sheet, then nail the top.


And here it is – your own DIY wine rack, woodworking  custom project made by yourself!  You can finish your wine rack with stain, in an in any color you desire. You only need to store your wines and it’s done! This can be a good DIY gift for a family member and friends. This wine rack can fit perfectly in your kitchen, living room or any other place you want.

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