How to Make Picture Frames

Sometimes, we just can’t quite find the picture frame that we want to complement a sentimental photo or photograph. Building your own wooden accessories and accents can be great, because you can enjoy something that you have made and still be very proud of your work and customize it as you want.

Building frames are many woodworkers first project. They are easy and a great way to start.

With proper woodworking instructions and assistance, you can have an easy and inexpensive woodwork plan! Today, in this Do it yourself woodworking guide to building your own picture frame, you will learn through this easy and cheap tutorial, with picture intensive images that will help you how to build a wooden frame for your house or apartment!

It’s an easy woodworking project, it won’t take more than one hour of your time. Do you want to learn how to build an unique frame? Keep reading this woodworking tutorial to find out exactly how. There is also this guide that you can download here and there is a wide range of picture frame designs that will blow your mind, with video tutorials that are extremely easy to follow.

You are going to need only simple materials and a few tools, such as a drill, nails, table saw, paint, measure tape, marker, glass, glass cutter and stain. You can choose an old recycled wood that you may have lying around your ur home or buy new wood in a local store. You are also going to need a piece of glass that can be used later.

Step 1:

For step one, you will need a table saw and wood. You don’t need to buy the most expensive wood, you can buy cheap wood or as mentioned above, using recycled wood is fine also. I recommend you to measure the picture or photo you wish to place inside your wood frame well and measure the wood that you wish to use for the frame.

If the piece of wood is long enough, all you need to do is make one 45 degree cut in the middle and you have two sides of your frame already. If not, you can cut each piece of wood individually with a table saw, ensuring all edges are cut at a  45 degrees angle. The exact dimensions are not important as this is based solely on what you wish to frame.

What’s important is that the top and bottom pieces are the same length and the two sides are the same length.




Step 2:

You should have 4 pieces of wood now. Before proceeding, ensure you test the pieces of wood against your photo or print you wish to frame. Ensure it fits as you desire.


Step 2.1:

If you wish to have a plain wood frame, skip to Step 3.

If you wish to have your frame patterned or have extra detail, you can cut a ‘cove’ on the front using the table saw. In case you want something more unique this guide has endless designs using different materials for the frame. You can download it here otherwise keep following this guide.

Ensure you pass the wood through at an angle otherwise you will cut the wood. Depending on the quality of your table saw, the edges should come out relatively smooth, if not use a sander to smooth out the edges of your cove. You can make the edges of your wood frame as simple or detailed as you like my placing the wood through the table saw at different angles.


Step 2.2:

Use a hand plane tool to flatten the corner but as you near closer to the corner, you will require a cabinet scraper. Alternatively, a rabbeting plane can be used.

Step 3:

Using the table saw, cut out a ‘step’ to ensure the glass is secured at the front of your frame. The measurements should be small for this as seen in the image

Step 4:

It’s time to glue all four pieces together. Don’t forget to wipe off all the glue in excess. To ensure the wood is stuck, use clamps or alternatively, use heavy objects. With woodworking, clamps are the preferred choice. Leave for an extended time to

Step 5:

Take a big piece of wood that is going to be used as the back of your frame. Ensure you get the right measurements here by measuring the inside of your newly formed frame. You need a few mm less that the inside measurements but we need it to fit snugly otherwise. Use the table saw to cut the wood to size.

Tip: Ensure this wood is a little less thick that your wood. Remember to factor in the glass width measurement also. Both the glass and wood back to equal the width of  the wood frame.

Step 6:

Using a glass cutter, cut your glass to your desired

Step 7:

Time to paint your new woodworking project! You can use any color you want. This extensive woodworking guide has some really awesome ways you can jazz up your picture frame, check it out if you want a more professional look.

For this tutorial, we choose to mix black and blue and paint the frames. Wait for it to dry and paint with stain in order to make a good finish for your frame.

Tip: Ensure the color of your frame is also featured in your photo/image. If you want a glossy finish, don’t forget to add three coats of clear water borne Varathane to protect the paint.



Step 8:

Place your picture/photograph inside your frame. Place the wooden back and nail some small holes on each side. Depending on the size of your frame, for small frames, one nail per side is fine. For larger frames, at least 2 nails per side is

And here it is! Your woodwork plan is ready! Finish-productThis is a very easy and fast do it yourself! A woodworking frame is a great, simple and unique gift for friends, acquaintances and family.

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